Terminator 6: Finding John Connor [Machinima]

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Sincere apoligies for the voices being quiet. This is a sequel to my last video: this video is about love, seriousnessness, joy, redemption and lastly salvation. Or atleast it would be, if it wasn't made by me. Arnold has to find John Connor, and will stop at nothing until he does. Enjoy! And subscribe if need be. Twitter: s not hard to guess the sample I used of the real Arnold's voice. But still, guess!)Lastly, if you are wondering why the armour change, he lost his blue skin to reveal his steel skeleton when he tried to walk through Sandbox's guardians. He did by the way, and also tore down the towers through rage. The map "Disabled gaurdians" was a result of this.P.S I made this video when XBL was down the day before.

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